Salaam, I’m Sina Port, Brand Communicator and the founder of Shared Diversity.

Each week I introduce you to an amazing person, story or message to help you empower yourself in your career and life.

On here you can find exclusive interviews with successful businesswomen where we discuss topics around business, branding and womanhood.

The intention

was to create a space for young Muslim women to learn about building their personal brand and showcasing their diverse selves.

The goal 

each week is to encourage ambitious women to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their diversities by actualising their passion in business.

How can we succeed in business as confident Muslim Business women? How can we use media to embrace our own personality and transfer it to effective branding strategies?

In this podcast, I share with you topics around business, branding & womanhood.

The approach

is to share with the intention to execute. This platform commits to provide practical insights and strategies you can apply in your business and brand.  I will update you through exclusive interviews with successful women in business.

Despite our unique personalities and diverse complexities, we all share values that inspire our daily choices in business life.

Let’s discover our shared diversities.

If you want to learn more about building your Personal Brand to grow your career, get in contact with me directly