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Way too often we forget that we have power. Not through money, status or other physical things. But through our voice.

Is it modest to speak up? To raise my voice? To be truthful and go against what society expects me to believe? To talk about taboos? To share my journey through the lows just as through the highs? How can I gain momentum without compromising my values? Do I want people to know that it’s ME behind this brand?

All this and more went through my head when I started to build a personal brand while trying to navigate my female Muslim identity in business.

What I’ve learned: Use your voice. SPEAK UP. Share your diversity.
There are so many different ways to create content which don’t include your presenting your beauty (as society experts) revealing your name or even showing your face!

However you might define the term “modest”, we have all at some point negotiated whether we should show ourselves on camera or on photos.

In this video, I show you the most effective content forms to create a brand without being on camera. Let me know in the comments whether you would like more videos on “Modest Branding”, inshallah.

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What is the content form you want to create with?

Muslim Businesswoman Podcast with Sina Port

Hijabi woman in business, Muslim woman creating content without showing her face
How can I create a personal brand AND be modest? I was negotiating for a long time whether I want people to know my name or see my face when I create content. But nevertheless, I was trying to build a strong personal brand. So how can YOU create content without showing your face? Stay true to your values and speak up. Share your diversity.

3 Replies to “Create Content Without Showing Your Face – MODEST BRANDING”

  1. Assalaamu ‘alaykum Sina,

    Jazakillahu khairan for this topic. It’s a very important and something I think about all the time. I want to add a few points, and also mention some of my challenges.
    First, yaayyy to podcasting! I podcast too.
    I don’t ever show my face on social media, or even parts of my body. But I do want to start doing facebook/insta lives becasue this are great ways to build your email lists. I’m just stuck on how I’ll do. I wear niqab, and part of the reason why I wear niqab is incase I ever go public. I wonder if having slides or prompts is as effective.

    I agree with you in that its your content and the impact of your content that matters most. As long as you are proving valuable information and content your audience needs, and they build trust in you because you’re addressing their pain points through your business, then face or no face, they’re consume anything you put out there. (Plus I’m anti-selfies lol. I just cringe at the thought of someone having the liberty to stare at my face for as long as they want. I wouldn’t like it in real life. I see it the same. )

    But I want to add something else, if you are trying to build a business, I do not agree with you remaining anonymous at all. You should not hide your identity. I think its bad branding and bad business practice, and also not the islamic way to do things. If what you do is just a hobby, then do what you want, but for business building, the trust and connection factor is extremely important for growth. People don’t only buy from you because of your expertise, but its because they trust you as an individual. So that’s my two cents.

    I love business, happy to have found your podcast. Is it on itunes?

    Oh and it would be really nice if you interviewed a photographer who can give tips on creative brand images that don’t involve the face. Sisters Magazine used to do a phenomenal job with this on their covers as well as within the magazines.

    1. Waalaykum Assalam Zahra,

      thank you for your lovely message!

      Thank you for sharing your experience, it is one that many sisters share and that’s why it’s important that we start the conversation. It is a true challenge to create a public image and deep connection to your audience without ever showing your face. But it’s NOT impossible, and I hope we all finally understand that. There are so many options, alhamdulillah!

      You are mentioning something so important. Creating trust with your audience is crucial. We buy from each other because we trust that we will gain value from the other person because we admire or believe in the good intentions of her. Staying anonymous would be definitely possible if you look at only including your first or middle name as a point of contact, this would still enable that connection but give you a certain level of anonymity.

      As you mentioned, however, we SHOULD be creating relationships with our audiences, especially when we believe in adding value to them through our business.

      Your decision to wear the niqab is, what I believe, the strongest reason for you to share your message, and talk to your audience through content forms like video, audio (which you are already doing with your podcast for Muslim teachers mashallah!) and channels like YB, IG TV, story & live. Who is someone that I admire in this field is Zainab bint Younus (also known as The Salafi Feminist). She is a sister that speaks very openly (through her blog, speaking engagements and videos) about her personal experiences.

      She chose to wear niqab, as she explains that gave her the freedom to interact with the world in the way she wants to without compromising her modesty.

      Here is our podcast conversation on being a Muslim woman in media, modesty & social media:–What-does-it-mean–w-The-Salafi-Feminist–Zainab-bint-Younus—www-ShareDiversity-com-e4btep

      I will definitely let you know about a future episode with a photographer. This is a very important point and I believe so necessary to learn more about. Thank you Zahra!

      Yes we are on itunes, leave a review if you like:

      May Allah bless all your efforts in business and life, Ameen.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this, you speak from my heart. Thanks for listing all the details and especially for believing in this is possible! 🥰❤

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