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Chifa K. is a spoken word artist, poet and creative content creator.

In this episode, Chifa K. shares with you her top tips to producing high-quality creative content, get inspired and using your God-given talents to design unique work!

She shares with you how to create art consistently and gather the right network that helps you improve and grow.

With the focus on self-discipline and finding your authentic self, she gives practical insights into understanding your value to create inspiring content as a Muslim woman!

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  1. What is your idea of “GOALS”?
  2. What matters most when you create content?
  3. What is the most important goal for you in the long-term?

Leave it down in the comments, and share your diversity with us!


  1. Know yourself. @ChifaKhelfaoui #mindfulness #success #ShareDiversity
  2. Give yourself a deadline. @ChifaKhelfaoui #productivity #success #ShareDiversity
  3. Experiences drive emotions. @myrihla #focus #success #ShareDiversity
  4. Know your purpose. @ChifaKhelfaoui #purpose #success #ShareDiversity
  5. I thought only religious things would lead me to Him. But in the end my art brought me closer to God. @ChifaKhelfaoui #success #ShareDiversity #MuslimPodcast
  6. If we understand the talents that Allah has given us and use it, it will bring us closer to knowing ourselves. @sinamichalport #success #ShareDiversity #MuslimPodcast

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