How to tell your own story – with Amina, founder of MuslimCreatvs

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Speaking your truth and telling your story as a Muslim in the media is not dependent on “breaking stereotypes”. Amina shares the secrets to her work as a storyteller, setting up your own brand (MuslimCreatvs) and what it means to speak up for yourself.

She also shares with us insights into motivation, authenticity and honesty as a content creator and standing up by standing out in your career.


  1. Motivation is a scam. @ayymina_ #success #podcast #motivation #ShareDiversity
  2. For me motivation doesn't start until you have actually done something @ayymina_ #success #motivation #ShareDiversity
  3. Document your process. So you can physically see the progress @ayymina_ #progress #storyteller #success #ShareDiversity
  4. If you want to start, understand what kind of story you are telling and what are your putting out to the world. @ayymina_ #success #ShareDiversity

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