Inspiration – The myth of creativity


The process of creation, the myth of  creativity

There is a misconception of the word “inspiration”.

We are always told that great people, thriving entrepreneurs and succeeding individuals are always motivated and inspired by anything and everything around them.

Simply put, that´s a big lie.

You can´t say all great achievers are on their top game 24/7. If you believe that, and you apply it to yourself, you lose. Let's take the example of a writer:

If you only write in the feeling of inspiration, you will not create much value in anything. You cannot wait for this feeling. Not doing anything is not inspiring, so how can you expect your non-doing to inspire you?

Writing even if “I don’t feel like it” makes me create much more value than me confidently sitting on my desk with excitement to be inspired and inspiring. My deepest thoughts, when I feel like I have nothing, is often everything I wanted (without knowing that I wanted it).

Being lost can be productive. BUT only if I create. When I feel lost and I write (even about being lost). This might be my vulnerability, the closeness to my inner thoughts and feelings, the fears I tap into to neutralize, the secrets to uncover, the unexpected value that crystallizes. Whatever it may be, it can only come to light and down on my paper (or screen for that matter), if I write in a time “I don’t feel like it”.

Writer Dani Shapiro:

The productive despair, describing the feeling of a deep sea diver when she almost hits the bottom of the ocean floor, that’s when she hits that place and is able to push herself up again from there.

The pan-ultimate place. Feeling the inner-sensor of resistance, that is the place that can bring me up again.

That feeling in that place, where you feel the opposite of comfortable, that is when you can get up again.

Make the time sacred

Be routine-based, ritual-based!

When you are in that place of "I don´t feel like it", it doesn´t matter. Your body already told your mind: We are set up for this, We will do this, And we will do this right. Because everything is “set up” for you as if you would like to achieve something.

How does this being "set up"  look like?

It can look so so different for every single person here. Maybe you like to be in a nice coffee shop? You want to be in a clean room, light some candles maybe? Wear a nice dress and put on some jewellery, some fancy shoes even? Want some tea and fresh fruits on the side?

Just a quick reminder:

Your feelings don´t matter

(at least in the moment they don´t feel like it).

You are either here to see other people succeed, consume, sit down watch what other people do, or

You do it yourself.

Don´t be a consumer, be a creator. 

AND NOW YOU, share with us your opinion and share this conversation with a sister.

Q: What do you like to do to feel set up to create? What do you do to prepare yourself for success? How does the setting look like? What makes you feel most creative to create?

Leave your answer down in the comments, and share your diversity with us.

The myth of creativity affects everyone who wants to achieve greatness. Here is why you need to get rid of it: inspiration is not your hero. You are your only way to success. DO, CREATE, even if you don´t feel like it!


Until next time,

السلام عليكم




Disclaimer: This is a merely personal view of an individual life. None of this is supposed to reflect or exemplify women, reverts, Muslims or even Islam. Self-identification is not to be seen in relation to a group but merely in relation to oneself. One might share this identity but must not publicly announce its speciality or an imagined community created by such. The sharing or not-sharing of identity (with ethnic, cultural, spiritual, gender-specific, nation or whatever other forms of identification) is neither good nor bad but remains personal and private to oneself. The author is voicing personal opinions and rejects any generalization or speaking-for-ization but rather aims to shed light on one of many diverse stories of one of many diverse individuals in one (or more) of many diverse contexts. Also, the author tends to create grammatically incorrect words to clarify perceived phenomena, opinions or feelings. This blog might include discriminating terms which are emotionally loaded by a long history of oppression and suffrage. Do not read this if you get offended by the cruelty of ignorance.


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