Overcome the Fear of Failure – Action Steps & Ramadan Mindset w/ Amina from Book Nomad

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How to overcome the fear of failure and rejection and Ramadan mindset hacks to set better goals.
Afraid of risk, to jump into a new project or commit to a goal? Today we’re covering how to get rid of insecurities with realistic, actionable habits that help us to set goals and achieve them, both in business and in private. Especially as we’re starting into a new year, Ramadan 2019 is approaching to test us on our goal setting abilities.
It’s never really “easy”, whether we are looking to grow in our career, establish business or independence as a Muslim woman.
Wearing hijab, praying at work, building your brand on social media are legitimate fears just as having a main and a side hustle, raising children or moving to another country could be other sources of pressure. But apart from bigger fears, there are also day-to-day situations which can make us feel desperate and fearful. 
Amina from the Book Nomad podcast shares with us how she developed the skill to overcome the fear of failure. 
We are covering actions steps on:
  • Changing the way you look at situations
  • Understanding yourself and the way you react and feel in stressful situations
  • Adapting habits which apply to all small and big fears we face in our lives
  • Learning to create a WHY when you’re dealing with pressure
As Ramadan is starting, we are also covering topics of
  • Goalsetting for the new year
  • Establish lasting habits
  • Mindset hacks to get the best out of this month
Inshallah, we would love to hear from you:
How do you overcome the fear of failure in your life?
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