Power of Voice as a Muslim Women in Mainstream Media, Focus and overcoming judgement with Idil Osman

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We are talking about the power of voice as a Muslim woman in mainstream media, focusing our priorities and overcoming judgement (especially self-judgement) with journalist, author, lecturer, expert in diaspora media and TV host Dr Idil Osman.

Besides sharing her career principles and journey into media, Idil speaks about her definition of hijab and how we can create platforms to amplify each other’s voices.


  1. Career: Find something 1.You're passionate about. 2. That allows you to contribute to society 3.That allows you to have an ongoing opportunity for employment. @idil_osman #success #ShareDiversity
  2. It's about focusing on this ONE thing. In my case that's Allah, that's who I want to please. You focus on your priorities, everything else will fall into place. @idil_osman #focus #success #ShareDiversity
  3. One of the good things about Islam is that, because you're constantly focused on the blessings that Elahi has given you, you're in that space of wanting to give back. @idil_osman #gratitude #ShareDiversity
  4. Faith - It provides me the #hijab I need in order to navigate through life. Not just the physical hijab but the hijab of people taking advantage of me, being harmful towards me. @idil_osman #ShareDiversity
  5. Holding on to Allah I´m synonymously protected from the harmful effects that society can bring sometimes. @idil_osman #ShareDiversity
  6. By having an outward-looking approach to people means I attract those kinds of people ... because you take an active stance of being a good human being, to begin with. @idil_osman #ShareDiversity
  7. If you are grounded, if you are anchored in terms of who you are, where you come from and where you're headed, you're really not limited by any location. @idil_osman #impact #ShareDiversity
  8. Everyone has a voice. What happens is that people get silenced. Keep pushing for spaces to be opened up so that a variety of voices can come through. @idil_osman #WomenInMedia #WomeninTech #ShareDiversity
  9. Sheytan will try and create arrogance out of everything. Make you look like you're superior because of your race, gender or skin colour. @idil_osman #racism #ShareDiversity
  10. We need to have a daily discussion and conscious application that we are #Muslim first. The experience that connects us is that loving brotherhood and #sisterhood. @idil_osman #racism #ShareDiversity

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