Set Smart Goals for Ramadan 2020 and Beyond – with Sina Port


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Want to learn how to set smart goals – spiritually and professionally – that bring you true results?
In this episode, Sina speaks about 3 Ways to set smart goals to succeed this Ramadan 2020 and grow your Personal Brand.

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!

Today let’s talk about NEW WAYS of setting goals that instantly can improve your life & career!

How to set smart goals in your career & life:

  1. Redefine how success looks for you:
    For both Ramadan this year, and your Personal Brand, success doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s. Figure out what you truly want to achieve and even if that is different to the norm, set your goals according to your personality, unique life & visions.
  2. Go the unconventional ways:
    To achieve your spiritual goals & your career goals, you should explore ways that are not conventional. Remember: if you want unconventional results, you need to go unconventional ways. That doesn’t mean you need to innovate, but figure out what works for you, even if that looks weird to others.
  3. Figure out what defines you:
    You need to pivot according to what you want deep down. What’s the legacy you want to leave and what do you have to do right now to achieve it? 

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Comment below! Sina’s question for you:

 What are your goals this Ramadan 2020?

Leave it down in the comments, and share your diversity with us!


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Sina Port Muslim businesswoman with hijab on a field talking about Ramadan 2020 and Smart Goals
This Ramadan 2020 and during the COVID 19 crisis, we set new goals for ourselves. Sina talks about how to set smart goals – both spiritual and professional – that are true to who you are.


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