Stay Woke: 3 Wokeness Traps to Avoid with Sina Port

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In times of Black Lives Matter movement (reminder: Black Lives STILL Matter, even if your feed is already back to normal), Wokeness is a highly debated topic. Staying woke usually means that you are socially aware of the things that are happening in the world.
But how does Wokeness actually show up in your daily life?
In today’s episode, we speak about what true awareness looks like and the traps you don’t want to fall in your journey to awareness.

Wokeness def.:
a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality

We speak about
– The meaning of Wokeness
– Optical allyship and branded Wokeness (7:30min)
– The 3 Traps of Wokeness you want to avoid (15:30min)
  • The Problem of Wokeness with Ayishat Akanbi (YouTube)
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Sina Port talks about the traps of Wokeness and how you can actually stay woke in your career and life. The Shared Diversity podcast talks about business, branding, and womanhood and the diversities each and every one of us holds within us.


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