How to start online, podcasting and balancing marriage & work with Ikhlas Saleem, creator of Identity Politics Podcast

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Disclaimer: This episode was a lot of fun! So be prepared to laugh inshallah!

Ikhlas Saleem is a writer, storyteller and digital media strategist, with a passion for religion, culture and education. She’s the creator of the Identity Politics Podcast.

In this episode, Ikhlas discussed with us how you can make it as a female founder starting to grow an online presence. As the founder of one of my favourite podcasts, she also shares her top tips to get into podcasting, find a co-host & build a team.

As both media marketers, founders &wives, we also talk about how to balance marriage and ambitions, and how to upgrade your productivity!

Make sure to listen till the end to find out the Top skills and attitudes to make it in digital media and reach your communities!

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Minutes of the Podcast:

Woman in Media
 Building confidence &  dealing with  self-doubt

14:30 Quality or quantity?
16:00 Building a brand
20:00 When you don’t agree with what you said a few years ago
Book recommendation – Malcolm X

Female founders / Starting a  podcast
32:30 Productivity habits 
39:00 How to create relevant content for your audience
44:00 Tips to start a podcast
47:00 How to choose your topics

Marriage vs ambition
 How to balance being a wive and work

55:30 About responsibilities 

Top skills and attitudes
To make it in media and reach your communities 


  1. Be willing to learn, especially in digital. @i_saleem #WomeninTech #success #ShareDiversity
  2. To be ready to change, you have to be okay with failure. @i_saleem #failure #success #ShareDiversity
  3. Progress means I knew this wasn't perfect, but I had to keep going. @i_saleem #progress #success #ShareDiversity
  4. Know your purpose. @i_saleem #purpose #success #ShareDiversity
  5. You need people who recognize that your content is quality and take the journey with you to get better. @i_saleem #success #ShareDiversity #MuslimPodcast
  6. What keeps me going is having a space to see myself reflected. @i_saleem #WomeninTech #ShareDiversity #MuslimPodcast