How to Build an Online Business, Family & Fitness – w/ Zehra Allibhai


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Want to start a business and sell online? But you’re not a techie and anything just seems so unattainable? You feel everybody has this amazing brand online but every time you post, you feel you’re not being your true self?
Zehra Allibhai, founder of The Fitnest is a Fitness expert and trainer from Canada who built an authentic Personal Brand around her passion: fitness.
On her page, she shares healthy recipes and workouts you can do from anywhere. As a mother herself, she has experienced the struggle of building a business, staying fit and raising your kids. So this one is a must-listen for anyone who wants to manage a career, household while staying healthy & fit.

She took the time to speak with us about

  • Her journey from coaching in a basement to selling fitness programs online
  • The secret of truly being authentically yourself online
  • Holding the balance between sharing personal content online without exposing every aspect of her private life
  • Manage the right intention, purpose and having something that sustains you financially
  • Start with zero customers and build loyal fans that will cheer you on forever
  • Selling online without being a techie person
  • Her experience as a mother &  growing her business and family at the same time
  • The importance of physical and mental health for a businesswoman

Comment below! Zehra’s question for you:

 What does staying fit & healthy mean to you?

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Muslim woman in grey hijab and training clothes smiling with title Shared Diversity Podcast about business, branding and womanhood
Zehra Allibhai, founder of The Fitnest is a Muslim businesswoman who is a modest fitness trainer and health coach. She shares with Sina Port her secrets to building a Modest Personal Brand and Online Business that’s authentic to who you are.