Start Your Dream Career & Make Your Voice Heard w/ Fadumo Olow


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Want to start your dream career in an industry that’s not diverse? Struggling to make your voice heard in a sea of sameness?
Fadumo Olow, youth worker, sports journalist, and podcaster shares with us her authentic Personal Brand around her passion: sports & diversity. She is a co-founder of the podcast called ‘I Think She’s Offside’ with Lipa Nessa which focuses on bringing underrepresented conversations to life, the growth of women’s sports, footballing culture, and diversity.

She took the time to speak with us about

    • Finding your dream career
    • Getting into media & journalism 
    • How to make your voice heard
    • Collaborating with major brands
    • Activism, social work and fulfilling your purpose in your career
    • Getting into podcasting without experience or money

Comment below! Fadumo’s question for you:

 What is your drive and motivation in your career and life, and how do you remind yourself of that?

Leave it down in the comments, and share your diversity with us!


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Do you want to know how to start your dream career in a space that is not diverse, and do you want to know how to make your voice heard? Then you should not miss this episode today.

I talked with Fadumo Olow she’s, a sports journalist, youth worker, and podcaster, and she’s best known for opening up conversations around the growth of women’s sports, a footballing culture, and diversity. We talked about how to find your dream career, how to make your voice heard, especially in spaces that are not diverse, how to get into media and journalism, and how to collaborate with major brands.

Fadumo worked with brands like Adidas and coca-cola and is also a writer for magazines like gal-dem.

We also talked about her activism and social work and how you can build a fulfilling career for yourself by actively building your brand. She also shared her insights into how to get into podcasting if you have no money. So I hope you love this conversation and will get a lot of value out of it. Whatever you learn, put your favorite quote or insight that you got out of this conversation in the comments below and share this episode with someone who needs to hear this, so let’s get into it.



Fadumo Olow, sports journalist, youth worker, and founder of ‘I Think She’s Offside’ Podcast is a Muslim careerwoman who talks about diversity and representation in sports. She shares with Sina Port her secrets to building a career in media, growing an authentic Personal Brand, and collaborate with major brands like Adidas or Coca Cola.