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When you’re looking at creating meaningful change in your life, understand that you have to start by looking at your purpose first. In this episode, you will learn how to define your purpose, how to set meaningful goals, and why you need strategies and habits to make them happen.

In this podcast you will learn:
  • The difference between purpose and goals
  • How to find out what type of personality you are more of (goal-setter or purpose-driven person?)
  • To focus better and set less (!) goals
  • The 5 areas you should set goals in
  • How to set both personal & professional goals
  • Building your personal brand

Make sure you understand the difference between purpose or visions and goals!

Are you a rather purpose-driven person or a goal setter? Before you set your new goals, you should understand what kind of personality you hold. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but you should find a good balance for yourself!

New goals mean you want to grow.  Self-awareness is the first step in self-growth.




    Understand that there is a difference between a purpose and a goal!

    Purpose-driven people: when they get stuck they can remember the bigger picture, focus on whats the next step and what has to be done to move ahead.
    Goal-setters: they are driven by logic and find the direction they have to go to fulfil their purpose. They are result-oriented.A hint: did you find yourself being desperate or freaking out a little when you didn’t achieve a goal the way or in the time you wanted? (You’re more of a goal-setter).Or were you able to remember your purpose, the dream, your bigger picture when time got tough? (Then you’re likely an advanced purpose-driven visionary!)Goal-setters when they get stuck often misses the bigger picture. Purpose-driven people can remember their dream and move on from failure. The other way around purpose-driven people needs to get goal-setters around them to get direction and strategy to move onto the next level. What % are you more of?Remember: this is not black or white it’s a spectrum we all move on!One of my goals this year is putting out more content and that means I have to live with the lack of perfection (which doesn’t exist anyways) and just give you the good stuff however it comes.

    Figure out in which areas you want to set goals in.My recommendation:1. Health:  What can you do to improve your (mental & physical) health? What goal do you have for your health, do you want to learn a new type of sport & compete in it? 
Do you want to gain or lose X amount? 
Want to meditate? Do you want to become vegan?
 Want to do get into advanced yoga poses?
    2. Mind: Anything that has to do with developing your personality. Do you want to learn a new skill, language, read more etc.
    3. Spirit: What can you do to develop spiritually? Is it praying on time? What do you want to learn about the deen, 
what kind of conventions do you want to be part of, what Surahs do you want to memorise?
    4. Relationships: To whom and how do you want to improve your relationships?
 Who do you cut off and who do you want to invest more time & attention in?
    5. Personal Brand: How are you going to use your skills, strengths & passions to build your brand this year?
 How are you going to start taking the uniqueness that Allah has given you to build something bigger?
 A legacy that fulfils your purpose?
    Want to start a YouTube channel? Create a profitable business? Launch your podcast? Write a book? Host events? Collaborate more & cross-brand? 
Start your career in this field? Create a product? Define which areas are most important to you.

    Now set 1 (max. 2) goals per area. Make sure they are specific and are result-oriented. They should inform your purpose in some way and play into the future version of yourself you’re aiming to be!


    Usually, we set ourselves too many goals. Now instead of that, pick only strategies that support your goals. E.g. you want to become advanced in yoga poses – a strategy is to hit the gym for weight training. That in itself is not a goal, but one strategy to achieve your goal. And guess what, if this one strategy doesn’t work for you, get rid of it and try another one! Make sure to regularly evaluate which strategies work for you and which don’t!


    Your habits are the things that will lead you to actually ACT upon your goals. They are the activities that go directly in your calendar (literally, put them into your Google Calendar!). They could be weekly, monthly, quarterly. Whatever you choose to set for yourself.


    STOP, don’t leave, here’s my question for you:

What are the goals you are setting and how do they support your purpose
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If you’re trying to set meaningful goals that will actually help you to become a better version of yourself then this is the right episode for you.

Assalamu alaikum and welcome to another episode of Shared Diversity.
If you are new Salaam thank you so much for tuning in and if you have been here before thank you so much for coming back.
Today we talked about goal setting and how to set new goals in the right way.
The first thing I want you to understand is there is a difference between having a purpose and having a goal.
A purpose is a long-term vision it is something that when you want to achieve in your life a standard of yourself that you see in the future. It is a vision for how you want to impact the world positively.
Now a goal is more short-term. It has a deadline it has an end to it and has a result.
A purpose usually has no expiry and its mission and vision-driven; it is something that is a dream. And purpose-driven people cannot stop to sell the dream.
They always want to push others to the understanding that there is a deeper reason why they exist and it’s true! You should have a purpose in your life and understanding what is the bigger dream that you want to move into. Do you want to build a fashion production that sets the tone for the world sustainable energy? Do you want to reimagine the education system? Or do you want to empower kids to understand that real skill and strength in life?
That is a bigger purpose.
Now goals are continuous steps towards that purpose.
Goals are more deadline-driven they are logical.
So a purpose is a dream, the goal is the logic.
Goals are the steps you take towards achieving your purpose so that’s the first thing you need to understand. Understand if you are a more Purpose-Driven person or a goal setter.
Goal setters usually are very organized, planned. They know exactly strategically what the next step is. Purpose-driven people are more dreamy they are visionaries. They cannot stop to sell the dream to others. They will always keep talking about it and they have a bigger picture of the situation.
So a lot of times when goal-setters set themselves goals and they might get hurdle on the way or they have not achieved that specific goa, they get frustrated and they lose the bigger picture. Purpose-driven people when they get stuck they see the bigger picture and they stay calm.
Now let’s get into what you really achieve and how are you gonna plan it out. You have been aware of purpose and goal you need to set a purpose for yourself as I said. A purpose is a bigger dream or vision that you want to achieve.
So for us at Shared Diversity and for me myself my purpose is “to give women the knowledge and skills they need to empower themselves”. So I don’t believe that I can empower anyone I don’t believe that anyone can empower me, I only believe that you can empower yourself I can empower myself. And we need to understand and get access to the tools that we need to empower ourselves. So this purpose that I’m after is really to give women like you the knowledge and the skills they need to empower themselves now that’s the purpose. Now, what is my goal? My goal with Shared Diversity is “to build a platform that gives you tools and tells you stories that enable you to empower yourself” So the purpose is to give you knowledge and skills. And the platform is the goal. So the platform gives you really the tools and shares the diverse stories with you that will help you to acquire the skills and the knowledge to empower yourself.
We have four steps:
1) We have the bigger purpose that’s the vision and the dream you have
2) Then you have your goals, your goals are the things that inform your purpose in some way and you can have goals in different areas
3) Now what we need more is strategies to achieve that goal and
4) Habits are the ones that are going directly in your calendar and you’re gonna have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly results that are standing there waiting for you to be done. They are activities to make you really act upon what you want.
So we have the purpose, the goal, the strategies, and the habits.
Building a business, meditating and getting fit these goals are not the same size or the same importance. So you need to understand how to structure your goals right.
Now what we’ve created is a structure that you can use and the areas you choose to set goals for yourself.
I want you to look at four to five areas of your life and I want you to set one maximum two goals per area.
Now let’s look at the areas in your life that you can set goals in.
We have health, we have mind, we have spirit, we have relationships and we have your personal brand (that’s my favourite: personal branding!).
But let’s start with health
1) Number one is HEALTH.
So let’s look at the area of health and let’s look at what you really want to achieve and the area of health. For example, you could want to gain weight, lose weight if you want to compete in a sport, you want to learn a different sport, you want to get to the next level of a different sport, you want to eat more regularly, eat more at home, you want to cook better or for example, you want to become vegan.
Now, these are all goals, for example, competing in a new sport or learning a new sport. Let’s say you want to learn horseback riding. What are the strategies that you need to take to learn horseback riding? This could be applying for school, going running regularly and building that muscle and the gym that you need to really do horseback riding. And all these things could be playing into your goal. But those are not goals themselves. The goal is to learn horseback riding. The other things that you need to do are strategies. Strategies strategies strategies. These are to eat healthy to go to the gym to get that weight training to run for your stamina to be able to achieve that goal. Now if you see along the way that these strategies don’t work to support your goal you can throw them out and get new strategies in.
But never forget your goal. We said purpose goals strategies and habits what are habits. Habits are the things that go directly in your calendar. Meaning if you’re for example say you need to run as a strategy to achieve your goal you need to put that in that calendar how regularly are you gonna run? Are you gonna run daily weekly monthly? Let’s say you’re gonna run twice a week put that in your calendar that’s your habit. Because those habits those consistent actions are gonna get you to that goal.
1) Let’s look at the second area which is MIND.
That has everything to do with self-development personally understanding what kind of skills do you want to learn. Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want to consume more or better knowledge? Do you want to work on a part of you that has to be developed? For example, you’re having problems with your selfishness or ego do you need to work on that? Do you need to work on your patience? So these are all things that you can develop on in your mind.
That could be for example you want to learn a language, or you want to read more. Now the strategies are the things that are gonna get you to read. So for example for me if I want to read more my strategy is to subscribe to audible because I don’t have time only to read books hard copies. But I want to listen to them as well so I subscribe to audible. I subscribe to Amazon Prime so I can get my books cheaper and like to get them shipped over. Or I’m joining a book club so I always have this accountability partner that pushes me to read more regularly that’s a strategy and then I have habits. Habits are so I want to read more what does that mean? That means I want to read three books a month and two or one of the books actually has to be a hardcopy book so that means I put in my calendar this week is to read this book this week: I’m going to listen to this book this day of the month is my book club so I have habits in my calendar
3) The third area is your SPIRIT.
So spirit means everything that has to do with your spiritual development and growth. That could be understanding your Deen better that could be praying regularly that could be listening or learning the Quran, reading Quran learning it by heart. That could be learning about the life of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam. So you could set a goal of saying learn more about the life of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam and you could put strategies and place to do that meaning you read three books next year about the life. And your habits are going directly in your calendar meaning this day of the month I am listening to this lecture of the Sheikha this day of the week I’m gonna read the book these days of the week I’m going to have my Quran class so really have a habit in your calendar. You directly have your activities no way around and after a while, after the first or second quarter you can evaluate do these strategies work do these habits actually work for me. Don’t get too emotionally attached to your strategies or your goals so you can easily switch them off if they’re not working.
4) The fourth area is RELATIONSHIPS.
A big part of relationships are obviously family friends but also co-workers any kind of collaborations you want to do your kids your spouse whatever it might be.
So a big part in relationships and my point if you understand that your strategy is attitude. Attitude is a big strategy that you can use to better your relationships. That doesn’t mean only I have a positive or have a negative attitude. It has to do with: how are you solving problems? How are you really accepting changes? How are you communicating with someone when there’s a struggle? How are you communicating with your friends also if there’s success? Are you envious I understand the attitude that you bring into the game? So if you want to better the relationships with your friends or with your mentors you need to understand how can I strategically influence my attitude to become better. And what are the habits that I have to set place? And then the last part is
Your personal brand is the most important part that I feel for you next year. Your personal brand is the skills the strengths and the passions and how you use them to build something for you that will influence your purpose, so you have a bigger purpose.
Now, what are you gonna do with the uniqueness that God has given you to fulfil that purpose?
You have to look into your skills, into your strengths and into your passions and how you can combine them to build something that could be your legacy.
Personal branding means you are having a legacy on the earth you are having a reputation on to people that don’t even know you yet.
Your personal brand is how are people speaking about you behind your back. What kind of reputation do you have in the world? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? And it’s also the values that you reflect so your personal brand is both your life and your career.
You need to understand that you will never need to beg for a job or for investors money or for collaborations if you build a strong personal brand! Because building a strong personal brand is how you catch butterflies. How do you catch butterflies? You don’t. YOU BUILD A GARDEN. You let them come to you. You attract what you reflect.
The values and the standards and the goals and the kind of people that you want to have in your life that’s what you reflect.
If you reflect that you have a high standard and moral and you are modest you will attract the people that are fitting that standard. And the other way around, too.
For your personal brand understand what your goals for next year? Do you want to start a podcast? I know many of you want to start a podcast that’s a goal for your personal brand. It could also be launching events and creating a profitable business. It could be starting a successful career path in the area that you really really like. It could be writing a book and launching a course.
***And I need to tell you what we are doing for next year it’s a big announcement and I’m so happy to say that in 2020 we are launching the first book of Shared Diversity by *moi* Sina so insha’Allah stay tuned I will share with you the process of how it is for me to write a book. Until now it’s the most personal and hardest thing I’ve ever done but it’s so rewarding and beautiful for me as well because I know that in this book I’m going to answer a lot of your questions around building your dream career in life so insha’Allah stay tuned for more of that***
So when you create the goals for your personal brand next year understand what you want to do it. Could be your goal is to launch podcast now the strategies that you need towards that goal to reach that goal is for example: finding a topic, finding an audience, finding maybe a co-host, understanding the format that you need for the podcast – do you want a one-on-one do you want a conversation? Do you want remote podcast with people do you want a personal podcast with only your voice on it? Now understand your equipment what kind of equipment do you need? And the strategy also is about production and post-production and promotion so the strategies that you need to set in place could be all going into creating the goal.
Don’t set too many goals don’t launch a course to create an event and launch a podcast in the same year. if you have never done any of these in the first place! Start with one and really tell your strategies towards achieving that goal if you want to start a podcast using the habits that you set to really put:
“In the first week you’re going to do the research the second you’re going to reach out to people that already have podcasts the third you’re going to decide on a format the fourth and so on”
You’re looking at what kind of habits do I need to really launch the podcast and then when you’re on limits of creating a podcast how regularly are you going to do with a podcast are you going to record every week and post every week or every month every two weeks? Set the goal of the podcast, look at the strategies that you need to set it up and to really go through with it and then establish habits that go directly in a calendar to actively and consistently work on your goal!
So insha’Allah I hope really this helped you to really get an understanding of how to set goals what is the structure behind goal-setting what kind of areas you want to choose.
You don’t have to choose all five areas you can choose three or four areas or only to really look at focusing down and narrowing down your goals what’s really important insha’Allah I would love to hear from you what are the goals that you’re setting in these four or five areas?
Do you have any more questions about how to set goals? Leave everything down in the comments inshallah and share your diversity with us!
And if you think someone needs to hear this message Share it with her subscribe to our Youtube subscribe to our Podcast to stay educated on the go and I’ll see you next time Insha’allah assalamu alaikum!
To set new goals with real meaning and purpose, Sina Port shares with you the easy and overwhelm-free way to set new goals. As Muslim women in business, you have to understand how to set goals that truly support the purpose of our beings.