Manage your Relationships During Lockdown with Zahra Aljabri

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Are you struggling to manage your relationships during the lockdown? Building connections can make or break your career & life. That’s why it’s important for us to learn how to maintain, preserve, and upgrade our relationships (whether intimate, personal, or professional) especially in times of stress and pressure.
Zahra Aljabri is a spiritual mindset and relationship coach, the founder of Practical Muslim, and an entrepreneur through and through. Before she started coaching 12 years ago, she was the founder of Mode-sty.

She took the time to speak with you about

    • Why relationships are important both in business and life
    • How family stress can train you to become a better businesswoman (!)
    • The meaning of intimacy and how to cultivate it in times of crisis
    • How to manage your personal & professional relationships during the lockdown
    • Why relationships are crucial to building a successful Personal Brand
    • Her journey into relationship coaching and online training
    • Top tips to start coaching in any field

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Zahra Aljabri with a yellow turban hijab the text reads managing relationships successfully with Zahra Aljabri at Shared Diversity Podcast
Zahra Aljabir, relationship coach, spiritual mindset coach, and founder of Practical Muslim is a Muslim businesswoman who talks about how to manage relationships during stressful times and the importance of relationships in your career and life. She shares with Sina Port her secrets to building a personal brand, growing her coaching business, and building meaningful connections.